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VH Refurbishment

Lots of progress has been made so far at the hall so I wanted to let you know where we are and what the plans are for the next stages.  
So far, most of the work has been of the ‘heavy lifting’ variety, fitting battening, insulation, plywood and plasterboard.  Thanks to all those who helped with this work, this stage of the work is complete and ready for plastering.  We also decided to do rather more than originally planned, including over-board the ceiling to give a better final finish and timber-cladding the external gable end of the main hall as it was in very poor condition and this will make it more water tight.  The roof should also be completed this week which then means the plasterers can start without the risk of cracking happening due to roof works. 
The plasterers are scheduled to start on Monday 7th and I expect them to take between 5 and 8 days to complete.  The next major job then is painting and allowing for plaster to dry, we  should be ready to make a start around 15 December.  Also at the end of that week, the suspended ceiling is scheduled to be fitted with the new heating following soon after.
The painting work will include the walls, sloping ceiling and support beams as well as touching up the outside walls where repairs have been made and the timber cladding once it is dry enough.  If you are able to help with any of this, please let me know and I will endeavour to put together a plan as we need to limit the number of people working at any time to comply with social distancing.
Thank you all for your continued support