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Scattered around three greens either side of the A 1120, we have much to offer visitors and residents alike. Forward Green straddles the main road with Middlewood Green to the north and Broad Green to the west. Together with Earl Stonham on the A140 to the east, they each hold clusters of houses, some very old and some very new, providing homes for folk from all walks of life. Such variety gives the village its own special character.

On the left is an image from the Village Rainbow Tree to show the support of our village for Key Workers, the Heroes without capes.

The video is on the closed group ESVH Facebook Page HERE

6th April
Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses
5th April
Government sponsored Coronavirus Survey.
19th March
LINKS TO OFFERS OF HELP from local volunteers
3rd April
LIST OF LINKS TO OPEN SHOPS with opening hours and other details
3rd April
3rd April
3rd April
CLOSURE OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS Village Hall, Church, Parish Room, etc.
26th March
CLOSURE OF HWRC Announcement and instructions
18th March
LINK TO VILLAGE NOTICES All the information as it appears ...
Click or tap the link for details.


Two lovely villagers have agreed with Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses (on the A140) that any villager wishing to place an order can do so by email, phone or Facebook message by Wednesday evening at the latest and the order will then be collected by our volunteers, Ruth & Michael and delivered to villagers on Thursday evenings about 6pm. To pay, the person ordering should ring Katherine at the farm shop about 4pm on the Thursday and she can confirm what is in the order and take payment over the phone.

The phone number is 01449 710458 or email

Or collection from the farm shop can be arranged direct - they are open until 5pm.

Items and prices are as below: (Sorry for the fuzzy image: ED)
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NHS asks people to share their coronavirus symptoms to help others

A new Coronavirus Status Checker will help the NHS coordinate its response and build up additional data on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Are you staying at home?
Do you need help?

Everyone is now required to stay at home. However, folk over 70 and people with underlying health conditions may need assistance with shopping/medication collection.

We have put together a list of those that would be able to volunteer to help with that, but we also need to know who needs help!

Please send an email to
Deb Turner if you feel you need help in the current crisis, or if you know of someone who needs help. Deb now has a long list of volunteers and is looking to match them with people who need help, so please let Deb know what you need.

If you have any questions, please ask!
If you are able to offer help, please send details here:
Email to offer help


Most of you will have read the official government advice signposted below on this page and day to day activities are becoming more important as social distancing and self-isolation take hold.

The A-Z list of links below may prove useful if you want to know what is going on locally in the food shops and pharmacies. It is published in good faith but without recommendation. If you need help, contact Deb Turner to access our volunteer network.


Summary of content

Alder Carr Farm Shop

Farm Shop opening hours
No Contact collection service -
Order by email or telephone.
All other outlets closed

ASDA Stowmarket


Opening Hours
Click and Collect

Optician - Urgent & Emergency only. All routine appointments cancelled
ASDA's response to COVID-19

ASDA's answer to FAQ's about their response.

BOOTS - Chemist

Opening hours

Links to Boots services

East of England CO-OP

Opening Hours
Home delivery suspended.
Limited acceptance of vouchers.
No on line or telephone ordering service.
East of England CO-OP

LINK to Coronavirus information for shoppers, including FAQ's
including 10% discount for NHS workers (ID required)
Limits on quantity and weight of purchases

GILBERT'S of Sproughton

Range of baked pies, pasties, etc.
Available for home delivery only.
Order by email or telephone.


Opening hours (Allow location)

Customer Update - link to Company message


Opening hours.
No Pharmacy at Stowmarket.
Online prescription order and postal delivery.

Tesco Stowmarket

Opening Hours
Opening Hours for Vulnerable People and the Elderly
Opening Hours for NHS Workers
Click and Collect
(Tesco Mobile Shop is Closed)
(Fish Counter and Deli Counters are closed)
3 items per product, max 80 items total


Summary of content

Violet Hill Surgery

Open for NON-coronavirus patients.
Telephone or online booking.
Includes patients from Combs Ford Surgery.

Pharmacy - Prescriptions only - 3 days.

Combs Ford Surgery

No link. All patients moved to Violet Hill Surgery (Stowhealth)
From Thursday 26th March Combs Ford Surgery will be a Coronavirus Isolation Site. Any routine appointments will be dealt with at Stowhealth. This is a temporary measure while we are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

All bookings via Violet Hill Surgery (See above)

Bacton Surgery

No link. All patients moved to Mendlesham Health Centre

All our face-to-face appointments will be scheduled at Mendlesham Surgery

Mendlesham Surgery


Appointments LINK

Pharmacy - Prescriptions only - 5 days.

Appointments may also be booked by telephone.

Below is a link to Coronavirus Government Information -

Full guidance on staying at home and away from others

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Click HERE or tap the image below to view NHS Advice if you have symptoms ...

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Coronavirus and Public Buildings

The Village Hall and Bowling Club
As you might expect, we have been obliged to close the Village Hall for Public gatherings of any sort until the Coronavirus emergency has passed and gatherings of more than two people are permitted again.

Earl Stonham Bowling Club is also closed.
St Mary's Church and The Parish Room
Both St Mary's Church and The Parish Room will remain closed until the Coronavirus emergency has passed and gatherings of more than two people are permitted again.

Please do feel free to contact any member of the ministry team by telephone. Look for Contact Details on the
St Mary's Parish Church page.
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The Stowmarket Household Waste Recycling Centre is now closed during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Please keep all items at home until the Household Waste Recycling Centre re-opens.

Below are quick links to some of the many activities enjoyed by residents. More details can be found by following the menu items.

Also below you will find adverts and posters for forthcoming events in the village.
Or you can visit our What's On page for a simple list of events

Parish Council

Next Regular Meeting:
Thursday 21st May 2020 - 7.30pm

Please note the change of date!

Agenda here when published

There is a publicly available Defibrillator by the entrance to The Village Hall.

Tap the button above for details.
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These are timed to coincide with visits from our Mobile Library and are organised by a different village group each month.
The cost is £4.00 per person and lunch is served from 12.45pm

There will be no lunch in April or May.

The mobile library service has been temporarily suspended.
(20th March.)


Measles is a highly infectious and potentially serious disease becoming more frequent recently.

Protection is provided by the MMR vaccine available on the NHS. Vaccination of individuals also helps to prevent the spread of the disease.

Check with your GP surgery to make sure you are protected.

Our Mobile Library

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Offering books from a wide selection, our Mobile Library is one of three vehicles covering the whole County. It arrives at 12.20 pm on the same day as the Village Lunch and stays until 12.50 pm.
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Andy has been operating our Library for the last 14 years and enjoys meeting his regular borrowers, many of whom he knows by name.

As well as books, The Library Service now offers free access to newspapers through its new PressReader service. This service provides access to full digital editions of nearly all major national UK newspapers, including The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Mirror and Daily Star. A wide range of top UK magazines are also available, covering a broad range of subjects and audiences. This service is available to all borrowers with online access (computer, tablet or smartphone.)

News and Comment

Click/Tap to view

News items and comment will be highlighted here, with more info available or links to other pages when needed.

Click to open - click to close.


Love 'em or hate 'em, they do bring in a little pin money, so we've tried to return some value for our advertisers by placing copy where it can be easily seen. The placing is random, but the image will enlarge if tapped or it may carry a link to the advertiser's website.

Register of Local Businesses

Local websites sometimes carry registers of local businesses as a useful reference point. Our neighbours in Creeting St Mary have a good example, although it is not mobile friendly yet.

Since most local businesses rely on local trade and/or local employment for their success, it must be worth supporting them where possible and this may be a useful source of information.

We'll start with our advertisers and accept applications from others to see where it leads.

Suggestions or applications to The Web Editor please
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Click or tap image for full-sized view

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Volunteer Caravan Towers Needed

– We Need Your Help

Are you a Semi- Retired or Retired Caravaner living in Suffolk?
Do you have any spare time to help a Suffolk Charity, with your experience and expertise?
Would you be interested in giving up a morning or afternoon once a month or more if possible to help us reach isolated rural communities, where we provide Tea or Coffee, Cake and Information on our regular visits during the season from April to October.
If you think you could help and want to find out more about us and what we do, please check our Web Site -

or contact Ann Osborn on 01379 855338 to have a chat and find out more.

Babergh Mid Suffolk DC Website

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We've displayed this poster for a year, hoping MSDC would publish another newsletter. No joy.

However, there is lots to discover on the current Babergh Mid Suffolk Web site. This link takes you to the Communities page but the What's On page is also worth a look.

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