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Earl Stonham Footpaths

The Earl Stonham Footpaths

Our Parish has many high quality and well-marked footpaths, ideal for the wanderer and the dog walker.

Group walks are organised twice a year to walk one of the circular walks centred on the Village Hall.

Children and dogs are welcome.

These events are usually followed by refreshments back at the Village Hall.

Footpath Committee

There are many footpaths around the Parish and connecting to other parishes in the area.

The Parish Council supports a Footpath Committee that oversees the maintenance of footways, bridges and signage for the network.

A map of these walks, produced by Discover Suffolk, and Suffolk County Council is available to download - Find out about Earl Stonham Circular Walks

Walking in Suffolk

John Harris, of the web site Walking in England has provided a link to walking routes in Suffolk for you to download and print (free). it also has books of walks, contact details for all the walking groups in the county and much more. If you are visiting other parts of the country you may find walking routes for that location as well.