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Parish council

Scheduled meetings take place every other month at the Village Hall at 7.30 pm - open to the public. A copy of the Minutes of these meetings can be seen upon request from the Clerk, and on this website once approved.

The next scheduled meeting of the Parish Council is due to be held on Monday, 6th September 2021 at 7.30pm, at the Village Hall, Earl Stonham.

The Parish Clerk
Mrs Jennie Blackburn – 01449 721369 / parishclerk@earlstonham.org.uk


We have two vacancies on the Parish Council.  If you would like to become a Parish Councillor or would like information on what is involved, please contact the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Councillors

Cllr Mark Gillet - 07984 518959 (Chairman)

Cllr Deb Turner – 01449 711461 (Vice-Chairman)

Cllr Karl Wilkinson – 01449 711320

Cllr Sharon Budd – 01449 711243

Cllr Henry Stanford – 01449 711742

Cllr Henry Glasse – eyaeee@gmail.com

Cllr Michael Mann - 07738 172468



Click / tap here to send a message to The Parish Clerk

The Parish Council’s responsibilities include:

Finance - The Parish Council is responsible for:-

  • the approval and monitoring of Council expenditure;
  • annually analysing future funding requirements and recommending the precept to be raised;
  • arranging insurance of parish property;
  • arranging loans and donations and;
  • other associated activities requiring finance.

Contact: Any Parish Councillor or the Clerk, Mrs Blackburn


The Parish Council receives and considers consultation copies of all Planning Applications relating to the parish. Recommendations from the Council either in support of the application or as objections, are passed to Mid Suffolk District Council who, as Planning Authority, will make use of these comments in their determination of the application. 

Contact: Any Parish Councillor or the Clerk, Mrs Blackburn

Public Footpaths

The Parish Council oversees the maintenance of the footpaths within the Parish of Earl Stonham.

Contact: Any Parish Councillor or the Clerk, Mrs Blackburn

Parish Property

The Parish Council provides and maintains dog waste bins, litter bins, notice boards, benches and street lights.

Contact: Any Parish Councillor or the Clerk, Mrs Blackburn

Highways and Lighting

The Parish Council oversees highways matters such as the need for road repairs, signposting, street lights and the supply of electricity for street lighting.

Contact: Any Parish Councillor or the Clerk, Mrs Blackburn

Earl Stonham Recorder – Contact: Cllr Turner

Village Hall – Contact: Cllr Budd

Police / Public Protection – Contact: Cllr Brenig-Jones

Transport / Road Safety – Contact: Cllr Woods

Parish Communications – Contact: Cllr Turner


Meetings are held in Earl Stonham Village Hall, starting at 7:30pm. Members of the Public are welcome to attend.

Minutes will be published here after approval at the following meeting. The agenda and minutes of all meetings together with supporting documents (including reports if produced) can be accessed via the relevant section heading on this page. Each link downloads and opens a Pdf copy of the document in a new window. You can save the document from that window.

To contact the parish council, please send a message to the Parish Clerk using this link.