Cap'n Bluebeard stikes fear in the hearts of eligible young girls!

Cap'n Bluebeard terrorised the local girls of Earl Stonham and around when he set his sights on the ladies in the audience, a full house packed into the Village Hall for the last night of "Pirates!" on Saturday evening. Chosen by The Stonham Theatre Guild for their latest performance, Sharon Hulm provided them with a script which Director Kathryn Burston converted into an evening full of laughter and fun, with guest appearances from Princess Cinderella, Prince Charming, Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, not to mention the Wicked Queen, a cavalcade of Rats, Cats, soldiers and sailors, and, of course, the irrepressible Widow Twankey.

There were several imprisonments and the same number of miraculous escapes. Many planks were walked, or at least threatened. The duel between Wolfie and Bluebeard was almost set to involve the whole audience, and there was at least one wedding, although I wasn't sure in the end who got married to whom! There was lots of singing in between the laughter, including an exceptional off-key performance by Bluebeard himself.

I won't spoil the surprises for those who want to wait for the video, but elsewhere on the site you will find pages of the beautiful programme reproduced so you can see who played most of the 20 or so parts.
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