St Mary The Virgin at Earl Stonham

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A Brief History

St Mary the Virgin is recorded in the Doomsday Book of 1066, with three Saxon nobles, Alflet, Ulmar and Ulric each recorded as having a share of the church. There is evidence of the site being used as a sacred place by the Romans. Cinerary Urns have been found. Little is known of the site's occupation prior to that period, but sacred sites tended to be used for generations. The church has an entry in Simon Jenkins' 'England's 1000 Best Churches' and is noted for its magnificent hammer beam roof.

For more information, follow the link to Suffolk churches web page.

Worship at St Mary's

The church is used for regular Sunday Worship, Church Festivals and gatherings of a community nature. Other events are held in the adjacent Parish Room, which is available to groups of good standing and its use is actively encouraged. The Parish Room is used by many local societies and community groups throughout the year.

Regular services at St Mary's

  • First Sunday in the month - 11.00am Informal Holy Communion
  • Second Sunday in the month - 11.00am Morning Prayer
  • Third Sunday in the month - 11.00am Holy Communion
  • Fourth Sunday in the month - 10.30am Together on Sunday. Coffee and Cake from 10.30am, then service at 11.00am.
  • Fifth Sunday in the month. Shared service across the Benefice. e.g. 30th December, 10.00am at Gosbeck.
  • Mid-week Holy Communion in the Parish Room, second and fourth Wednesdays at 10.00am.
  • Every Tuesday we have Morning Prayer at 8.30 a.m
Services over the Christmas period

Sunday 11th November - Earl Stonham 10.50am - Remembrance Sunday.

Sunday 2nd December - Earl Stonham 4.00pm - Christingle Service.

Sunday 9th December - Earl Stonham 11.00 am - Toy and Gift Service.

Sunday 23rd December - Creeting St. Peter 10.00am - shared service. (Not Earl Stonham)

Monday 24th December - Earl Stonham 6.30pm - Carols by Candlelight.

Monday 24th December - Stonham Aspal 11.30pm - Midnight Mass. (Not Earl Stonham)

Tuesday 25th December - Earl Stonham 11.00am - Family Communion.

Sunday 30th December - Gosbeck 10.00am - shared service. (Not Earl Stonham)

Parish Room

Situated near the Church, the Parish Room is favoured with an adjacent car park and easy access. The hire charge is £5.00 per hour including heating and use of crockery, etc.
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To hire, contact Frankie Wicks on 711222.

Meetings at St Mary's Church, Stonham Parva

Also standing within the Parish of Earl Stonham is the beautiful little church of St Mary the Virgin at Stonham Parva. It is maintained by the Church’s Conservation Trust. Again there is more detail about the building on the Suffolk Churches web site at

We like to use it for worship on a few Sundays each year. Sadly, the structure has become unsafe since a beam fell from the roof, and the church has had to be locked until repairs are effected. We are waiting for a response from the Conservation Trust before work can begin.

All this has forced the cancellation of the "Carols by Candlelight" meeting as held in previous years. The dates for meetings in 2019 will be published here when they are available.


Rev. Philip Payne
01449 711684 [email protected]
Local Lay Minister
Frankie Wicks
01449 711222
Henry Stanford
01449 711742
Jane Porch
01449 711809
Mark Parry
01449 711816
Lay Elder
Jane Porch
01449 711809
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