A brief history of the Trust
Historically, prior to the formation of the welfare state, many parishes, including Earl Stonham had various funds to help parishioners for needs such as educational and financial purposes.

These assets included in the case of Earl Stonham, several properties and land much of which has been disposed of in the past, but the Recreation Ground and 1, Guildhall Cottage remain.

The separate bodies were combined into the current single Trust overseen by the Charity Commission which permits some of the Trust's income to be still used for educational purposes or temporary financial need.

Contacting the Trustees

If you could benefit, or if you know of any parishioner who could benefit, and you want more information, do call any of the Trustees or send an email to the Secretary of The Trust by tapping the button below:
Applications could be for school trips, college or university books, music or sports equipment or particular financial need.

To make a formal application, please download one of the forms listed.
Download the Application Form
The form is available in several different formats

Microsoft Word format. This can be opened in most versions of Word in Windows or Android devices. (You might need to use File — > Open in current versions.

Apple Pages format. This can be opened in Apple's iMac, iPhone and iPad devices. (You might need to use File — > Open in current versions.

Rich Text format. This can be opened in almost any word processor, including some very ancient ones, as well as Apple Pages and MS Word!)

Adobe Portable Document format. (.pdf) This can be printed from most devices for hand written application. Unlike the others, it cannot usually be edited on domestic word processors.
Alternatively, write, giving details to

Jennie Griffiths
Wicks Lane,
Forward Green,
IP14 5HL


All enquiries are dealt with in strict confidence.


  • Colin Woods - Chairman (711747)
  • Jennie Griffiths - Secretary (711794)
  • Phil Hurt - Treasurer (711879)
  • Barry Rice (711690)
  • Frankie Wicks (711222)
  • Sharon Budd (711210)
  • Karl Wilkinson (711320)
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