Advertising in the Earl Stonham Recorder and the Parish Web site


For the Recorder

Please design your advert to fit within an A4 page. This becomes an A5 page when the Recorder is printed as a booklet

For the web

When you advertise in the Recorder, you have an option, at no charge, of also having your advert appear on the Earl Stonham web site.
There are several ways of putting your advert on the Earl Stonham web site:
  • We can adapt your advert to appear on our web site. Note that designs are fluid on the web — for example, a user can resize their screen and this affects the layout. If you have important words embedded in a graphic, please repeat these as plain text - the search engines cannot decode words in images - well, not yet!
  • You may provide a link to your own web site, or
  • Let us work some technological magic so that your web site (operated and maintained by you) appears as a page on the Earl Stonham web site.

Where to send your advertisement

Send your advert to the editor, Deb Turner, by email to:

And if you’d like to advertise on the Earl Stonham web site, please also send your electronic files to the WebEditor, Alan Sarsby, via this link. (Opens in a new window.)
Please include your phone numbers just in case we need to speak.

Electronic Files

The advertisement copy may be in plain text (.txt .text), or any industry standard file format for example, Microsoft Word, .doc, .docx, or the ubiquitous .rtf.
If you’re using open-source applications, (LibraOffice, OpenOffice, Abiword, TeX/LaTeX, and so on, please save your finished work as Rich Text Format (.rtf, or .rtfd).

Graphics may be embedded in the text to help the editors understand your layout - but for the web, please additionally supply the graphics as separate files. Thanks.

For images, photographs or graphics, please send the file in any industry standard file format. For example, .jpeg, .tiff, or Adobe files .psd, .ai and so on. (If you’re using other graphic software, please export/Save As your file into a common format. If in doubt, please contact Alan via the link above.

Please do not send Microsoft Publisher (.pub) files. These cannot be processed. Sorry.

Payment and Rates

The rate for advertising in the Recorder is £30 for four consecutive issues.

Send your payment directly to the Parish Clerk:
We’ll give the details when you book.

Hope this helps,